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Meet Yukti Vyas

Pursuing her passion for understanding the functional nuances of the brain in physiological and pathological conditions, Dr. Yukti Vyas has extensive experience in a wide array of neuroscientific techniques, and in studying preclinical models of neurodevelopmental disorders from the cellular to the behavioural level. For her PhD, she explored the mechanistic underpinnings of Autism, and discovered that
dietary supplementation could rescue Autism-associated structural and functional deficits in the brain. In 2020, Yukti gained her Doctorate in Biomedical Sciences specializing in Neuroscience at the Centre of Brain Research, University of Auckland, New Zealand.


Her specialized skills created opportunities for her to be
involved in several local and national research collaborations in New Zealand. Yukti’s research and her wider interdisciplinary collaborations have resulted in many high-quality publications, and she has been the recipient of very prestigious and competitive awards, including the Kate Edger Educational Charitable
Trust Dame Dorothy Winstone Doctoral Award, the Physiological Society of New Zealand John Hubbard Prize, and the Mary Bullivant Prize in Physiology.

Along with her academic pursuits, she has taughthundreds of undergraduate students at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, and mentored numerous Mastersand PhD students. Yukti is passionate about helping students fulfil their goal of doing a PhD, and mentoring them during their journey to reach academic excellence.

PhD Advisor  

Yukti Vyas






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