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Professional Visa Services

There are no two identical immigration cases. Due to their intricate legal or policy challenges, some cases demand the greatest degree of expertise and advocacy, while others may be straightforward yet urgent.

Additionally, due to their busy schedules, our clients prefer to work with us rather than spending a lot of time reading immigration websites and completing the process without any assurance of accuracy. They find it more convenient to have someone else handle all of their immigration process.

Our Services Include:

•    Case assessment
•    Strategy advice
•    Advice on documentation requirements
•    Communication with Immigration New Zealand on your behalf
•    Application preparation and submission
•    Full liaison with Immigration New Zealand throughout the application process ​.

Admission Services

We will have your back and guide you through the education system of New Zealand. We have contact with all universities and the education system of New Zealand Directly and indirectly. 

We cover the full area of education for our clients from Primary school to a different levels of higher education system like Bachelor, Master, and PhD. Our experts guide students to the majors and educational institutes that best fit to the students. 

Our team are in the periodic training system about the ethics and the new code of practice for the pastoral care of domestic tertiary and international learners.

Our aim is to route new students to the sectors of education in which the society of New Zealand needs them, and they will become fruitful in their life and the society of New Zealand.

We support PhD Students with their CV & CL, proposal, and communication with tutors and universities. Additionally, we facilitate communication between students and universities, do all the paperwork, and accompany the students on the first day of starting their studies at the university.

Insurance and Legal Services

Living in New Zealand with the support of an expert team of insurance and legal matter makes you feel safe. Our insurance adviser is not just giving you advice; he works for our clients and stands by their side. He believes that your health and your financial wellness are your most priority which need to be first protected. This proves that a reliable insurance policy and its benefits should be easy to understand, easy to claim on and most of all good value.

Our adviser has been in this business since 2010 and knows a thing or two about the coverage New Zealanders need. So, our insurance adviser would design a personalised range of health and risk insurance plans to suit you, your family, and your budget.


On the other hand, we will support you with your company registration and IRD guidance.

It is safe to say your legal process is supervised and done by professional lawyers. To take care of our clients, we start the process by sending the engagement letter and will keep you fully informed throughout the process and ensure that you take the right steps at the right time. If we don’t think you have a reasonable chance of success, we will inform you.  If any issues arise during the application process, we will discuss them with you and work to resolve them with Immigration New Zealand

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